Research interests

I´m interested in temporal and spatial dynamics of small neuronal networks and single cells.

More details on my current research will follow soon.

My former research included

  • Idendification and analysis of small field looming sensitive neurons in the optic lobe of locusts
  • Analysis of small neuronal networks of cultured locust's thoracic neurons
  • Cell-transitor coupling
  • Analysis of neuronal outgrowth on patterned surfaces
  • Biocompatibility tests of materials for neuroprosthetics
  • Coculture of neurons and muscles on multielectrode arrays
  • Toxicology of nanoparticles

Former and recent methods

  • electrophysiology: patch-clamp technique, sharp electrode recordings, extracellular recording techniques (e.g. suction or hook electrodes), multi-electrode arrays
  • voltage-sensitive dye imaging
  • immunhistochemistry
  • in ovo transfection (electroporation)
  • preparations: brain slices (chicken), cell culture (chicken & insects), in vivo (insects)
  • confocal laser scanning microscopy